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The Preserve at Eisenhower is Now Open

"You put your heart and soul into these things. And you don't really know until you put a peg in the ground, how it's going to play." - Andrew Green, Architect
This historic golf course has been renovated to be in synergy with its surroundings creating a truly memorable golf experience. The connection of golf to the ground will be clear to the player. Everything outside of the lines of play has been enhanced, and the golf course design harmonizes with land it sits on. They work together to elevate the habitat for the property’s full time residents, as well as the round of golf for the visitors.

The Preserve at Eisenhower blends a unique bunkerless design by Andrew Green with a thriving environmental preserve. The tee to green renovation of the course was done in tandem with a stream restoration by the Anne Arundel County Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration with the help of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. There's no better game to be connected to nature than the game of golf. The environmental restoration work that was done makes the connection between the course and the environment nearly seamless.

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Some of the best golfing topography around with a mixture of highs, lows, and cross slopes has met what mother nature had in place to begin with. Along the edges of the golfing corridors invasive plants have been replaced with pollinators, and large boardwalks now span the restored Broad Creek and its new wetlands. Playing the walkable layout golfers get to experience the piece of ground the way nature intended, respect and appreciate it.

Restoring the stream was a great opportunity to repair a headwater in a sensitive location near the Chesapeake Bay. Stream restoration projects are intended to be self-sustaining. Once these projects get implemented nature will take over and maintain it for the future. Funds that were used in the restoration protect the land from future development ensuring this remains green open space for generations.
There are purists in the golfing industry that say there's no way every bunker should be removed from a course. Maintaining bunkers is incredibly expensive – a square foot of bunkering can require as much resources as a square foot of green space.

The Preserve at Eisenhower uses short grass, highs and lows, and strategic mounding growing fescue to create interest without the sand. These mounds aren’t repetitively rolling, but more irregular and in certain spots. Hit it inside of the 9th hole’s dogleg and you will find a hummock where you might expect a bunker. The awkward stance, tough lie, or mound to hit over can present a host of challenges. Miss even more and you no longer need to spend time looking for the ball. The hazard line is there, the environmental area is on the other side, and that's not a place to play golf – which helps everyone’s pace of play.

Other golf courses that are looking to increase speed of play, reduce long term costs, or have a positive impact on the environment while still providing an awesome golf experience can draw inspiration from the Preserve at Eisenhower.


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